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Thank you for your interest in one of our dogs! It is critical to us to be sure that each dog we have painstakingly raised is placed in a forever home that is prepared to care for him/her properly. As with any dog, owning a German Shepherd is a tremendous, long-term responsibility, not a purchase to be made on impulse. While the rewards are well worth the effort, it requires commitment on your part to care and train them to create a wonderful companion.

The information provided below will be used to help us be sure that ensure that the caregiver, home, and household are a good match. The information will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

First the basics...
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And now help us ensure that you and the dog you're requesting are a good match!
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* Bad behavior can happen with all dogs: you might have to work to resolve problems like digging, barking, jumping, shedding, fearfulness or aggression. Are you committed to working to resolve these types of issues?
* Dog food costs money, and good dog food costs quite a bit of money. Vet bills do happen, and these expenses can make the purchase price of your dog seem cheap. Make sure caring for a dog is within your budget!

Your Preferences & Summary

Once your reservation is approved you will be contacted for payment.

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Morgen Haus Shepherds does reserve the right to refuse to place a dog prior to the acceptance of your payment.

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