Morgen Haus Shepherds

The Why & How of What We Do

Hi, I'm Arna Banfe, founder of Morgen Haus Shepherds. I remember well the first German Shepherd I fell in love with. He was black, beautiful, and wonderfully trained - the relationship between that dog and his owner was amazing and the memory stuck with me for many years. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I was able to bring home my very own German Shepherd puppy. Sasha was amazing, we had such a great time working and playing and learning together. My children were raised with her as their companion.

The more I learned about the German Shepherd Dog, the more I knew I wanted to be an advocate and caretaker for this wonderful breed. In 2008 my husband and I moved our family to rural Washington (outside of Kettle Falls). I have been priviledged since 2009 to produce new generations that build on a solid foundation and continue to improve the breed I love so much. We have become one of the premier breeders of German Shepherds in Eastern Washington and the Idaho pandhandle. Our dogs can be found with families across the US and southern British Columbia. We have some of the very best dogs on the planet in our kennel. When we aren't training or traveling to shows or trials, we can often be found with our own dogs around home, hiking or local mountain ranges or strolling on the banks of the Columbia River.

My daughter, Michaela, grew up around our dogs. By default she has been involved in my breeding program since day one. In 2020 she made the decision to officially become my partner. She brings her love of the long coat German Shepherd with her, and she will be building a long coat breeding program within our kennel - for those who love the long coats, stay tuned!

Morgen Haus German Shepherds is a team effort. My dear friend Stacy and her daughter, Dakota, have helped care for and train my dogs for many years. One or both come out and temperament test each litter. Stacy is our official facebook guru. Other friends like Kristin and Ethan help train our young dogs. We are blessed to have Wesley, who created this wonderful website on the team as well. As my husband is fond of saying..."If at all, with excellence". Michaela and I are so grateful for the team of people that have been willing to become involved in our kennel's success.

Morgen Haus Shepherds – if at all… with excellence!