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Welcome to Morgen Haus Shepherds’ website!
We hope you will sit back and enjoy the information on our site, that you will find it informative and helpful in your search for just the right family companion. You can click on any of the orange highlighted text or use the links available throughout our site for further information about our wonderful German Shepherd Dog breed. Whether you’re just considering your first German Shepherd, searching for a guard dog candidate, or selecting your next Schutzhund/IPO competitor – we are always ready to ‘talk dog’!

The Why and How of What We Do

We believe that in order to produce the very best German Shepherd Dog a breeder must strive for excellence, balancing the need for optimum health, temperament, intelligence and conformation in each litter. This balance is necessary for every great German Shepherd Dog, fitting him equally for family companionship, or working and show careers.

Our dogs are selected from outstanding German bloodlines, with proven pedigrees full of amazing dogs. We spend time researching these bloodlines so we understand what is genetically behind our dogs. We also believe every breeder thinks they have good dogs, but great breeders prove it. Our dogs have great pedigrees but they also prove themselves by participating in both conformation and working trials themselves.

Of course a dog must pass hip/elbow certifications for dysplasia prior to becoming part of our breeding program, and all our dogs are screened for degenerative myelopathy. But we go further, striving for excellence in the diet and in our immunization decisions.

In order for our puppies to leave us prepared for whatever purpose they are intended to fulfill, we constantly research and use the very best socialization methods for our puppies. They are socialized with a wide circle of dog loving family and friends, and introduced to varied indoor and outdoor environments.

Morgen Haus Shepherds is a small kennel intentionally. We limit the number of dogs and litters we have in order to spend lots of quality time with each one. I am here, interacting with my dogs and puppies each day. Enjoying and working with our own dogs, as well as breeding beautiful, healthy puppies is more than just a hobby for us, it is our passion. We are committed to producing amazing new generations of puppies based on solid German Import Bloodlines and bred to the German SV standard. We know our adoptive families are counting on us to bring beauty, character and good health to every litter we produce.
Morgen Haus Shepherds – if at all...with excellence!


New litter arrived May 29, 2017. We have a few spots open in this exceptional litter, please call for remaining availability (509) 738-3338.

New litter due in July! Please call for information on reserving your spot (509) 738-3338.
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Useful Information & Links

Early Spay Neuter Study
Early Stimulation/Handling Study

AKC Organization
German Shepherd Dog Club of America
Common Sense Dog Food

How to Pick a Puppy

Breed History

Want to learn a little more about who your GSD was bred to be? Or maybe your curious about the difference between German and American Line Shepherds? We’ll try to provide some helpful info here.


2015 Achievements
Congratulations to Haven, who earned her IPO1 and AD in Germany in February.


Telephone: (509) 738-3338
Location: Colville, Washington, USA